This weekend coffee features Avengers, Werewolves and animalistic hair

Have you always wanted to be a werewolf?

If so, you’re in luck — somebody is selling werewolf transformation spells on eBay!

(Note: The Big Bad Blog does not endorse the use of Werewolf Transformation Magics. In fact, we do not believe such a spell would work.)

Some things are awesome.

The Erotic Monster Manual Contest is one of these things.

A quick tip to all the would-be bank robbers out there:

It is best not to interrupt your bank-robbery in progress to fill out a loan applications.

Girl Scouts: A feminist menace.
Sorry, Italian ice cream. But your advertising is too controversial for the Pope’s visit.

It’s a shame that the Pope doesn’t share the UK’s desire to keep his visit controversy free.

Now when your organs are removed they can also be branded!

Possibly against your will.

Check out how professional make-up artists take beautiful models and turn them into the freakish things you see on runways.
Dalek blueprints.

For making Daleks.