The weekend coffee, featuring frogs and the solution to sparkling vampires

Note to would-be phone thieves: try not to steal a phone that is being used as part of a GPS tracking demonstration.
Got arthritis? It might be a good idea to get drunk.
Frogs did not always land on their feet. Once upon a time, they would belly flop and slide on their faces.
Apparently a Battleship movie is in the works. Based on the board game.

Candyland, too.

Note to residents of Missouri: Acting in a flirtatious manner towards a video camera implies consent to having your shirt pulled off on the video, and a video of your tits to be sold for profit.
Australia plans on snooping on what their citizens do while on the Internet.

How? We can’t tell you because 90% of the document is censored.

Why is it censored? To prevent debate. Seriously.

Australia is still supposed to be a democracy, right?

“Why would vampires sparkle?” is a common refrain these days. “That’s stupid.”

Well, boys and girls, they might sparkle … if they were insects! Butterflies, to be more exact.

Here’s a big surprise: The software industry makes up statistics to support their views on software piracy.

The morning coffee, paywalls and penis electrification

The most interesting thing I have read yet about the Times paywall:

Why would I get any of my clients to talk to the Times or the Sunday Times if they are behind a paywall? Who can see it? I can’t even share a link and they aren’t on search. It’s as though their writers don’t exist anymore.

Interaction between electricity and the penis: science investigates.

Finally, the ultimate skydive: Felix Baumgartner plans to jump from 120,000 feet and break the sound barrier.

A weekend coffee!

With a changed name comes changed titles. Welcome to the first weekend coffee! It might look familiar.

In late July, police will patrol the entrances to Battersea Park looking to arrest people carrying water guns.
As you know, newspapers are busy setting up paywalls (or threatening to) and pushing for various new laws to protect their dying industry. It cannot help that they sometimes forget to ignore the rules that exist.
An English muffin maker lives in fear now that an executive has left for Hostess.
Mashable has asked an important question: Does Chatroulette depend on the cock, or could it exist as a Eunuch?
The Dodge Viper logo is just Daffy Duck, upside down.
Are you an MP who lost their seat in the election, and are still trying to figure out your next move? Take some inspiration and turn to stand-up comedy.
Do you own a URL? Then you should be aware that you could be sued by a random corporation, just because they want it.
Need help getting by? Here are ten rules to live by.

The morning coffee satisfies your searches

This morning’s coffee is dedicated to the multitude of searchers who find their way to the blog. I have stats that tell me what you’re looking for: eruptions, tattoos and ghostbusters. Also, I like mustaches.

So here you are, Internet. Everything you wanted to see in a morning coffee, but were afraid to ask for.

(Mount St Helens erupting in 1980, by Robert Krimmel)

(from Awkward Family Photos)

(Improv Everywhere recreates a scene in Ghostbusters, by Katie Sokoler)

(Part of a collection of foot tattoos at The Chive)

I hope I have developed a relationship to you today, dear readers. And that you love content. My content.