The morning coffee is barefoot and tentacled

So it’s a New Year, and plenty of people are now out there trying to get in shape. But if you’re running, should you run while wearing shoes, or go barefoot? While there is no evidence either way to tell us which is better, here at the Big Bad Blog, we suggest going barefoot while running outdoors in winter.

Because we’re cruel.

(If you do decide to run barefoot, these footstickers could be useful. Or not. We haven’t tried them.)

Prosthetic limbs are often made to resemble the real thing … but wouldn’t a tentacle be better?

Here in the UK there is a plot afoot to censor pornography on the Internet. As with most expensive, moronic, untenable propositions, it is being trotted out with the line “think of the children”. Here at the Big Bad Blog, we are capable of parenting without government censorship, thanks.

Also, isn’t this one of those socially conservative initiatives that a coalition with the Liberal Democrats were supposed to prevent?