The morning coffee and the unicorn meat

Back in April, the website ThinkGeek created an April Fool’s Day joke — the sale of canned unicorn meat. You have probably seen this if you have the internet. And you probably have the internet.

Now ThinkGeek has been served with a Cease and Desist Order from the National Pork Board, asking them to stop selling unicorn meat using their registered trademark THE OTHER WHITE MEAT.

(by Alejandra Bartoliche)

In the world of bizarre internet turf wars, after astronomer Stuart Robbins showed that astrologer Terry Nazon’s claims about Mayans were inaccurate (with the help of an archaeologist), Ms. Nazon started to impersonate Mr. Robbins on various websites. While posting under the guise of Mr. Robbins, Ms. Nazon posted complaints about others being “anonymous cowards” and “phonies”.

Mashable is reporting some interesting stats regarding the use of Facebook statuses to deal with partners. While the stats are almost certainly incredibly inaccurate (they come from an online survey which exists on a Facebook page for those trying to hook up with strangers through Facebook), it does raise an interesting question: How often (and for what reasons) do people create fraudulent (in which we mean untrue, rather than illegal) updates via social media?