The morning coffee and old, old sex

Apparently old people sex is the best sex. Which gives us all something to look forward to.

(A giant tortoise at the Perth Zoo, from Not Exactly Rocket Science.)

Fifteen things you might not know about Star Trek. Or maybe you do. You are, after all, readers of the Big Bad Blog.

We save the best for last this morning: Why plant breeding is incompatible with organic agriculture demonstrates that the arguments most commonly leveled against genetically modified plants in farming can just as easily be applied to bred plants.

Links for the betterment of humanity

Nathan_Schroder_leaky_roof A device for injecting ice cream into bananas must exist somewhere.
Beware! The Bear Apocalypse has arrived. astronomy-danger
evil_dolphins The ethnobiology of the Haitian zombie
Unsurprisingly, the guy behind Girls Gone Wild is an asshole. my_little_cthulu_pony
daniel_arsham Police in Richmond are stealing valuables from people’s cars to teach them a lesson. How is breaking into somebody’s car and taking their property not a crime?
Chemistry of the BBQ. coffee_cup_art
tortoise_potato In University statistics classes, we were often given questions including the words assuming a fair coin toss, or something to that effect. Imagine my devastation to learn that the fair coin toss does not actually exist.
Seth Godin on education. home_taping