The morning coffee, monkeys and tuna

The mystery monkey of Tampa Bay is out there. A rhesus macaque monkey in Florida has apparently been on the run for a year now, and wildlife authorities have been unable to catch it. They insist that they are not being outsmarted by the monkey. With apologies to Gary Morse, who made the statement, if you have to explain to the media that you are not being outsmarted by a monkey … you are being outsmarted by a monkey. You can find the monkey’s Facebook page here.

(from Polaroid Brings the Beast by Ariele Baragona)

Bluefin Tuna will continue to be traded, as the proposal to ban its trade failed. Expect to see tuna on the endangered species list in a few years as a result.

Do you not believe that we are living in the future yet? Perhaps the future for you is right around the corner. Cures for blindness and autism, and a vaccine for brain tumors, are right around the corner.

The morning coffee is tuna-free

Since pre-history — before the beginnings of the Big Bad Blog — I have avoided eating tuna. I love tuna, but the tuna fishing industry appears determined to set fishing quotas that will lead to extinction, and then disregard those quotas and over-fish. I cannot consciously make decisions that lead to the probable extinction of a species, so I no longer buy or eat tuna.

Today, I find a second reason: Dolphin-safe tuna. Apparently, in order to make tuna dolphin safe, the fishermen must inadvertently kill a whole lot of other fish. Making tuna fishing safer for dolphins means making it more dangerous for every other fish in the sea.

So tuna: You’re still in my doghouse.

(by Delpht)

In 1972, the Procrastinators Club of America attempted to return the liberty bell.

Currently, 15% of Americans represent themselves as belonging to no religion. This is expected to increase to 25% over the next twenty years. US News examines the political ramifications.