The morning coffee upgrades rock, paper, scissors

Tired of rock-paper-scissors? Is it too simplistic? Is it time to upgrade?

If so, the Morning Coffee presents to you Monkey-Pirate-Robot-Ninja-Zombie. Enjoy!

(Because we apparently cannot get enough of pigs in Wellies. This pig is named Cinders and is owned by the Keebles. There is a second photo in the Daily Mail.)

Will the Democrats become the dominant political force in Texas? Maybe not in the current election cycle, but it’s hard to see how a political party that has decided it will ban pornography, oral sex, gay marriage, sodomy and strip clubs if elected can win elections. Who, after all, dislikes blowjobs?

I’m always surprised when I see articles (like this one which express the opinion that women’s (or girl’s) sports are soft or docile. Such opinions can only be formed by people who have never watched women’s (or girl’s) sports.

The morning coffee and the Wellies

Ever think about the energy that gets wasted every day by just walking about? Apparently others have, and you can now buy a pair of Wellies that will charge your phone using the heat generated as you walk.

(by Richard Austin. We think probably this Richard Austin.)

Once upon a time there were gladiators in York.

When I see things like this, it makes me wish that I just collected cameras and camera paraphernalia. Here is something that will never be part of my camera bag due to compatibility issues, but looks absolutely beautiful.