The morning coffee will addict you

Good video games are addictive, right? From Pong to Tetris to World of Warcraft, the greatest game designers are those that manage to get the players of their games to spend endless hours sitting in front of them. Is that now a dangerous approach?

A lawsuit by an addicted game player against the maker of Lineage II is being allowed to go to trial. Is it possible to make a game so awesome that it is negligent by virtue of how awesome it is?

(Sebastian Kruger paints Clint Eastwood.)

In the world of historical art, some 2,000-year-old wall paintings have been (largely) restored.

Finally, do not try to steal marijuana from growers in rural British Columbia — it is guarded by bears.

The morning coffee finds your dark matter and defeats your moose

A boy and his sister were wandering in the woods, when they were attacked by a moose. As does happen. The boy saved his sister — and then himself — using skills honed through World of Warcraft. As one does.

Except, you know, this story appears to be real.

(A Barbapapa Apron, from Magic Pony)

Neutrinos. Actually transformers in disguise.

Kept awake by sleep apnoea? Some scientists suggest that a didgeridoo might be the cure you’re looking for.

The morning coffee and the World of Warcraft

Here at the Big Bad Blog, our laptop is getting pretty old. While there is still some life left in the old thing, we are beginning to contemplate our next computer. The arguments go like this:
1. Ooh, Apples are shiny!
2. But also expensive, I could spend less money on something else that is ALSO shiny!
3. But the Macbook Pro is really nice looking. We like the way Apple stuff looks, feels and works.
4. But Apple behaves like this.

We think that the even numbered points will eventually win.

World of Warcraft and the law, part one: In which a criminal is addicted to WoW, cannot resist logging in, and is tracked down by the police as a result.

World of Warcraft and the law, part two: In which a teenage boy runs off to meet his 42-year-old lover met through the game.